Terrible Twitter Takes

Tebow Twitter

1. Don’t know about that one, bud.

Bills Twitter

10. False.

9. Hope you had fun. I sure did.

8. Actually, Bills by negative 3.

7. Still due for that comeuppance

6. *Tony Stark voice* We have a Henry.

5. I don’t think miserable was the right word.

4. Light work indeed.

3. It was smart to delete this one.

2. Outside of John Wilkes Booth, Abe Lincoln had a wonderful time at the theatre.

1. In the Bills twitter section because Lewan plays for the Bills.

Stillman Twitter

4. Very measured response.

3. Stillman wrong about something? Weird.

2. Oof.

1. I think we should be concerned for the wellbeing of your listeners.


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