Terrible Twitter Takes: The Golden Ticket

As many of you know, the Titans released Golden Tate from the practice squad yesterday. It’s hard to remember a practice squad player that brought so much fan and media coverage. On a weekly basis, Mike Vrabel was asked if Golden Tate would play, and fans cried out to elevate him to the active roster.

Promises were made, promises were not kept. Celebrations were had for what amounted to nothing. He played 0 snaps for the team and was never protected as a potential game day elevation either. Thus ends the reign of Tate. How will you remember it?

Now, I present the worst Golden Tate to the Titans related takes. No captions necessary, I’ll let you all be the judge of what was the worst. Enjoy.

This one is not a take. I just pray this person did not buy a Tate jersey.

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