Terrible Twitter (X) Takes

Non-Titans X

Mahomes is absolutely the best QB in the league. Don’t hurt yourself overthinking it.

Gigantic eyeroll.

Please wear glasses if you need to. I can’t believe that needs to be typed.

Titans X

Defensive MVP David Long was pretty awful for the Dolphins this weekend. Also, Azeez seemed to be… way better.

The bomb where Chris Moore was open and Chig was uncovered? The execution by the QB was poor, the personnel worked fine.

No, the Titans should not trade away cost controlled talent to keep a 30+ year old journeyman. Unless of course NPF is trash.

It was one of the only good things about those teams. Don’t take it away from me.

The SEC is apparently bigger and better than the NFL itself! Never mind that tons of the players on each team would never step foot on an NFL field.

Tale as old as time. Team hires OC, fans want OC fired.

One of the most successful jinxes in Titans history. Hope they keep him around for a bit.

The youngest team in the NFL is the Packers at an average age of 25. The Titans are at 25.9, but tell me more about this needed youth movement.

Like a lot of his memes, this makes no sense.

When the hate for a player blinds you into utter delusion.

10/10 one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. No notes.

Best things I saw this week

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