Terrible X Takes

We are workshopping the title. Please send any complaints to the nearest complaint department (a trash can).

Non-Titans X

Seriously, what is this.

He’s been the best at both.

Oof. Glad you didn’t tweet about the kicker for the Titans being absolutely either Wolff or Shudak because “they are both really good at their jobs”.

Awful movie take again from Evan.

You absolutely boo players that are playing against your team.

Our society is doomed.

Just a lot to unpack here.

Titans X

Jackrabbit was good.

I don’t think he’s great, but he’s earned sticking around and competing.

The route Treylon got hurt on was one of the lower risk ones he could have run.

Well no, because he wouldn’t be allowed back.

Hope Elon banishes you for this nickname.

Follow Howie for all your Malik propaganda.


Absolutely a horrific pass.

Worst joke ever told?

Why else would they cut him???

The tinfoil hats are back!

Yes, Burks looks like a fringe NFLer

CTE is real.

There won’t be a worse tweet all year.

Best things I’ve seen this week

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