The numbers on Kristian Fulton’s contract

Monday evening, Jim Wyatt broke the news that the Tennessee Titans had reached a deal with 2nd round pick, Kristian Fulton.

This leaves Isaiah Wilson as the lone Titans rookie player without a contract, and he is also one of two first-round picks left without a contract.

As of this morning, has put up the details for the contract in full. It is a 4-year, $5,330,192 deal with a signing bonus of $1,436,504 and an average salary of $1,332,548 per year.

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The former LSU defensive back will carry a cap hit of $969,126 in 2020. That is roughly $89K off from what Spotrac had the estimate at originally. This will, of course, affect the Titans salary cap. The salary cap will lose a meager $294,126 in cap space, due to the Top-51 rule, and the bumping off of a 675K salary.

As mentioned before, this leaves just Isaiah Wilson unsigned. Spotrac estimates that the will carry a $2,103,343 cap hit. However, similar to Fulton, another smaller contract will move out of the Top-51 in the amount of $675,000, so really it could just be a $1,428,343 cap hit in 2020 for the Titans.

According to Spotrac, the Titans currently have $23,142,761 left in available 2020 cap space. If Spotrac’s estimates remain close to true, the team should have roughly $21.7 million left in cap for a certain player.

With the his 2021 cap hit being so low, and his high expectations as a key player on this defense, you have to think the Titans have all the leverage with Malcolm Butler, as long as Kristian lives up to the hype in his rookie year.

There is a good chance in a year that the Titans starting cornerbacks combined could be just a little over $11 million in cap hit, which would be a steal in 2021.

Kristian Fulton will be on the next Tape with a Titan. You can watch the teaser below. Only Broadway Pros will have access to the full video, so make sure to get your discounted membership here, if you already haven’t.

Originally tweeted by Titans Film Room (@titansfilmroom) on July 24, 2020.

What are your thoughts on the contract? What are your expectations for Kristian Fulton? Leave comments below, and let’s discuss!

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