Three Takeaways from Mike Vrabel’s Monday Press Conference

As he does every Monday, Mike Vrabel met with the media for about 20 minutes Monday. Given the Titans have lost four games in a row and miraculously only lead the division by one game over the Jaguars, Vrabel seemed in an alright mood.

 There was no sense in panic or much concern from the Head Coach. Vrabel did have some interesting things to say. Let’s dive into what Vrabel had to say.

Vrabel Not Pleased with Chips Helping Dennis Daly.

Vrabel noted that they have been sending help to Dennis Daly by having someone chip his defender. Vrabel stated the chip isn’t helping Daly much and having a negative trickledown effect with the offensive line. Vrabel notes it isn’t helping reduce sacks given up in other areas of the offensive line.

If this doesn’t assure Daly’s job isn’t safe barring injury like we saw Sunday with Dillion Radunz Sunday, nothing will and Daly will start the rest of the season. Daly has been one of the worst OL all season in the NFL and change can’t hurt. It is obvious Vrabel isn’t thrilled with Daly’s play. Look for Radunz to get a more extensive look in practice this week and vs Houston this week.

Vrabel Downplays Todd Downing Being Poor

In Monday’s presser Vrabel provided his typical answer that play calling isn’t just Downing’s job. Vrabel stated he has input in each and every call and no play is run without Vrabel agreeing with the call.

Titans’ fans have been calling for Downing’s job all season but we all should know no change will happen there during the season. It’s a pointless conversation at this point and the offensive play calling is what it is. Titans’ fans have reason to complain about just about everything on offense, just know any changes that occur will happen in the offseason not now.

Vrabel Sees Improvement in Malik Willis

Monday Vrabel stated he can see rookie QB Malik Willis improving. He stated specifically when Willis came in for Ryan Tannehill, Willis was more decisive than ever before. Vrabel noting that when he didn’t see anyone open, he made the correct decision to take off and gain what he can with his legs.

Willis looking more comfortable was something that was noticeable to the eyes while watching the game vs LA. Willis isn’t ready to be a starter in the NFL but he’s a lot closer than he was in his first start vs the Texans. If he continues to process things faster and make faster reads, he can be a starter sooner than later. This is a major plus as Tannehill is quite banged up once again.  

Author: Mitchell LovellNDSU Alum Texas Longhorn Fanatic. Been the biggest Titans follower in North Dakota all my life. Pretty much watching sports 24/7.

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