Three Takeaways from Mike Vrabel’s Season Ending Press Conference

Monday was cleanout day for the Titans following their 20-16 loss to the Jaguars. Mike Vrabel had his season ending press conference, where he spoke longer than normal. Vrabel said some interesting things about various topics. Let’s get into the three takeaways from the final press conference of the 2022 season.

  1. Vrabel will be involved in the process of hiring a new GM.

Vrabel stated in his press conference that him and Owner Amy Adams have been in constant contact regarding the hiring of a new GM. Vrabel stated that after initial interviews with the candidates, he will be involved in additional meetings.

The expectation following the firing of Jon Robinson was that Vrabel would have more input in the roster and decision making. That’s exactly what is happening with Vrabel being consulted on the hiring of the GM.

It is known Vrabel and Robinson didn’t see eye to eye on roster decisions. Most notably with the draft day trade of AJ Brown.

2. Vrabel knows protecting QB is needed and when that doesn’t happen, he gets hurt.

Vrabel acknowledged that in order to be successful they must protect the QB better than what occurred this season. Vrabel noted in the NFL you can’t win if you don’t protect the QB plain and simple.

Vrabel reacted by firing OL coach Keith Carter and OC Todd Downing after his press conference. Vrabel preached loyalty today but noted it’s a two way street and if they aren’t doing their job to the standard, they will be let go. Vrabel did what some doubted he could do and that’s being able to fire his friends.

3. Vrabel addressed injury concerns loud and clear.

It’s no secret that the last two years, the Titans have been injured more than any team in the NFL. One eye opening thing Vrabel said was that David Long and Kristian Fulton were repeat soft tissue injury offenders. Vrabel noted that NFL is played at the highest level and when you don’t train like it, soft tissue injuries occur.

Vrabel noted Safety Kevin Byard hasn’t had a soft tissue injury in his four years as Titans Head Coach. With David Long impending free agency that wasn’t exactly a quote endorsing him. Fulton will be looking for a contract soon as well, things to keep in mind when discussing if the Titans will pay them.  

You could tell Vrabel was far from satisfied with this season and there will be significant changes this offseason. There should be no shortage of news for Titans fans to discuss.

Author: Mitchell LovellNDSU Alum Texas Longhorn Fanatic. Been the biggest Titans follower in North Dakota all my life. Pretty much watching sports 24/7.

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