Titans 53-man roster projection after Preseason Finale

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The final preseason game is in the books, and it’s time to measure the performance of the fringe roster players that were fighting for a spot in the finale. In usual Titans fashion, I expect them to make moves before the cut deadline that render this useless by Monday, so please read it while it’s relevant.

The league’s cut schedule is as follows:

  • Cut from 90 to 85: August 16th
  • Cut from 85 to 80: August 23rd
  • Cut from 80 to 53: August 30th

Quarterbacks (2)

  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Malik Willis

Couldn’t hit the Woodside of a Barn: Logan Woodside

It finally happened. Logan Woodside has lot a QB Battle. It’s over. Done. Fin. Ride of into the sunset. The Woodside chapter is closed, as the Malik Willis book is still being written.

There is absolutely no reason for this team to carry Woodside. I started coming around to this idea two weeks ago, and the preseason finale cemented it. Was Willis perfect? No. Was Willis able to execute, put his team in positions to win, and create plays? Yes.

Essentially, there is NOTHING that Woodside can do and Willis can’t. I said all last week, that the Titans ideal back up QB plan is if they have to come in mid-game, they want them to protect the ball and hand it off. Willis can do both.

The only reason this team would keep Woodside is if they get to 52 spots and are like “What now?” And someone just says “Eh, just throw Woodside in there.”

Running Backs (4)

  • Derrick Henry
  • Dontrell Hilliard
  • Hassan Haskins
  • Tory Carter

Thank God it’s Over: Trenton Cannon
The Mehki Sargent Memorial Practice Squad Spot: Julius Chestnut

Things haven’t changed for me since last week’s projection. I think Chestnut had a a very good showing for an UDFA, but so did Mehki Sargent last year and he still lost his spot to Jeremy MIDnichols.

Essentially, Julius Chestnut is gonna be the Mason Kinsey of running backs. Hard worker does a lot but won’t ever make it to the final 53. It’s just an unfortunate and tough realization we should all come to terms with.

Wide Receiver (5)

  • Robert Woods
  • Nick Westbrook-Ikhine
  • Treylon Burks
  • Kyle Philips
  • Racey McMath

This is Why You Didn’t Get an Apology: Dez Fitzpatrick
Please Go Somewhere Else: Mason Kinsey, Cody Hollister
Good Night, Sweet Prince: Reggie Roberson

Oh, Dez, you sweet, simple fool. Two drops is two too many for a guy on the bubble, especially on a night where Fitzpatrick needed to show the team something. Ultimately, what Fitzpatrick showed the team, is that right now their 6th WR isn’t on the roster.

Mason Kinsey wasn’t any better. Catching only 3 passes on 7 targets for 18 yards. I am really hoping the Falcons or Bears pick up Kinsey and gets him outta here. I’m sure he’s a nice kid, but his delusional fans are so annoying.

Roberson only saw 16 snaps, and was targeted twice with zero catches. I think that lets you know he’s not making the team.

Cody Hollister is just a guy.

Tight End (4)

  • Austin Hooper
  • Chig Okonkwo
  • Geoff Swaim
  • Tommy Hudson

We hardly knew ye: David Wells, Thomas Odukoya

Last week, I didn’t know what to do with Tommy Hudson, this week the Titans told me what to do. Add him to the final 53-man roster. He was on the sideline all game with Hooper and Swaim, while Chig and the other two guys got plenty of run in the game.

Ultimately, the lack of playing time may mean nothing, but I think it’s safe to read into that just a little bit. Again, a pretty easy, set in stone, position group.

Offensive Line (9)

  • Taylor Lewan
  • Aaron Brewer
  • Ben Jones
  • Nate Davis
  • NPF
  • Dillon Radunz
  • Jamarco Jones (but his seat is very, very warm)
  • Corey Levin
  • Jordan Roos

Professor X-Factor: Xavier Newman-Johnson
Ya Fired…into orbit: Willie Wright, Christian DiLauro, Andrew Rupcich
See ya in the Hallways: Hayden Howerton, Jalen McKenzie

Everyone, outside of the starting five, is terrible. This position group needs a lot of work and new faces for the purposes of depth in a 17+ game season. All offseason long, about 90% of people have thought this was the biggest question mark heading into the season, and it still remains a massive weak spot for this otherwise really deep Titans roster.

I still think Xavier Newman- Johnson could find his way in to the final 53 over Roos. I still think Jamarco Jones could be a “surprise” cut. And I think Radunz isn’t a quality multi-game starter.

While the offensive lineman being cut are terrible they just may be slightly less terrible than the depth pieces currently rostered. I still think this team should be signing Ereck Flowers, but they apparently seem fine with Brewer as a starting option all season long.

Defensive Line (6)

  • Jeffery Simmons
  • Denico Autry
  • Teair Tart
  • NaQuan Jones
  • DeMarcus Walker
  • Da’Shawn Hand

It’s Larrell, not Jurrell: Larrell Murchison
They’re just Okuay:
Jayden Peevy, Sam Okuayinonu
, Kevin Strong

As I was originally typing out this section, I talked myself into adding Da’Shawn Hand. I am gonna let the actions, and decisions of the team guide my…hand…on this one.

i do find it peculiar that Walker played 22 snaps in the finale, but I think he’s safe and much like Autry, he provides the team with another guy with the versatility to play on the line and outside linebacker.

Hand’s addition means that a beloved defensive player had to get cut. And that’s gonna be handled in the next section.

Outside Linebacker (4)

  • Bud Dupree
  • Harold Landry
  • Rashad Weaver
  • Ola Odeniyi

Anenih’ed you to show more: David Anenih

David Anenih had done enough in the preseason to warrant keeping on the roster, but last night he disappeared. Even though he played a whopping 51 snaps and didn’t get a single tackle or sack.

Anenih should clear waivers and get on the practice squad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a team like the Falcons doesn’t snatch him up considering their defensive woes.

Inside Linebacker (4)

  • Zach Cunningham
  • David Long
  • Chance Campbell
  • Dylan Cole

On the PUP: Monty Rice
Just Missed the Mark: Joe Jones, Jack Gibbens

I was so close to putting Joe Jones on this roster, after his last two preseason games. However, I am choosing to go another route that will be explained later down the line.

Both guys will wind up on the practice squad and I think Jones has the priority position to be called up if need be.

Cornerback (6)

  • Kristian Fulton
  • Caleb Farley
  • Roger McCreary
  • Elijah Molden
  • Ugo Amadi
  • Chris Jackson (I can’t quit you)

The Replacement: Greg Mabin
Tre Misérables: Tre Avery, Tre Swilling

I just can’t quit Chris Jackson, and I don’t think the Titans can either. Ultimately, Greg Mabin lost any chance he had to make the final roster in the preseason finale.

Mabin will still be the first one called up when needed, but he didn’t do enough to necessitate being on the roster, especially with Amadi getting two pass break-ups in his debut with the Titans.

Safety (5)

  • Kevin Byard
  • Amani Hooker
  • Theo Jackson
  • Lonnie Johnson, Jr.
  • Tyree Gillespie

Less is Moore: A.J. Moore
Close only counts in handshoes and horse grenades: Adrian Colbert, Joshua Kalu

The Titans get rid of another A.J., when they cut Moore by the deadline. Moore hasn’t seen any game action since the first preseason game, and his only game he was terrible.

The three newest defensive back additions have all played well, and make the cutting of Moore a luxury, and his addition as a free agent is nothing more than a forgettable footnote in Titans history.

Adrian Colbert and Joshua Kalu, have been very good in the preseason but ultimately their counterparts have proven to be just a tad bit better and, or more versatile.

Specialists (4)

  • Randy Bullock
  • Morgan Cox
  • Ryan Stonehouse
  • Brett Kern

Thats right! I have the Titans keeping two punters. You can call me crazy, insane, stupid…I do not care, this is the smartest idea for the Titans.

Scroll up and look at the players that have been cut. Do any of them make a rival AFC contender better? No. But Brett Kern and/or Ryan Stonehouse would.

The Bills are in desperate need of a Punter after they released that disgusting punter of theirs on Saturday night. Kern would not have to go through waivers if he’s released, and thus would be free to sign with any team immediately, and that team would be the Bills, and the Titans cannot let that happen.

Stonehouse had several good punts in the finale, including a Stonehouse Special. We have heard all week from those who were at practice, that Stonehouse kicks a particularly uncatchable ball, and on Saturday night you saw Vrabel try something they were practicing, and it ended with the returner fumbling the punt.

This uncatchable ball isn’t something they’ll aim to try every punt, but it is a nice little trick Vrabel can pull out when he wants. Stonehouse wouldn’t clear waivers after his performance this offseason, in my opinion. So to plan for the next 10 years you need to keep him.

i am still rooting for Kern to retire to make this easier for everyone involved.

Practice Squad (16)

  • Tre Avery
  • Logan Woodside
  • Greg Mabin
  • Jack Gibbens
  • Joe Jones
  • Xavier Newman-Johnson
  • Hayden Howerton
  • Jalen McKenzie
  • Mason Kinsey (please get claimed)
  • Cody Hollister
  • Reggie Roberson
  • Julius Chestnut
  • Joshua Kalu
  • Adrian Colbert
  • David Anenih
  • Jayden Peevy

Who’s out? Who’s in? Leave your comments about the 53-man roster below!

Author: Zach LyonsWith over 17 years experience of losing Fantasy Football games, Zach has been a Titans fan since moving to Nashville in 2002. A die-hard Alabama fan, but he doesn't let that cloud his judgement of the Elite Players they have put in the NFL. Players like Derrick Henry, Julio Jones, and AJ McCarron. You've heard him on Football & Other F Words giving his Unfiltered Opinions as facts and that won't change. He's always 100% right even if he has to revise earlier statements. Lawyered.

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