Titans By the Numbers: Week 14 Efficiency

As most of you know I do a weekly thread detailing where the Tennessee Titans rank in efficiency metrics among the NFL. Well, I wanted to present it in more clearer detail since Twitter isn’t 4,000 characters yet. So let’s dive in shall we?

Ryan Tannehill’s 2022 Season

It may not look at it on the box score or scoreboard, but Ryan Tannehill is having a season closer to the 2019-2020 version rather than his Miami or 2021 Version.

Statvs JAXWeeks 1-7Weeks 10-142022 Season
Air Yards6th (9.2)15th (7.6)14th (8.1)13th (7.9)
Success Rate7th (51.1%)14th (48.9%)12th (48.9%)13th (48.9%)
Stat1st Down2nd Down3rd Down
Air Yards5th (8.9)27th (6.0)13th (8.5)
Success Rate10th (53.8%)18th (48.1%)9th (45.5%)
Entire 2022 Season
Stat1st QTR2nd QTR3rd QTR4th QTR/OT
Air Yards5th (8.6)25th (6.1)1st (10.2)17th (8.0)
Success Rate1st (59.4%)22nd (45.3%)26th (36.8%)5th (52.4%)
Entire 2022 Season

You’ll see in the next section that here is the recipe for immediate success:

  • Be aggressive via the pass in the 1st Quarter, Particularly on 1st Down
  • Be aggressive via the pass on 1st Downs the entire game
  • Adjust your plan of attack coming out the second half
  • Pass to build lead in the 4th Quarter

The Tennessee Titans Offense’s 2022 Season

Due to turnovers during the game versus Jacksonville the Titans took a big hit in efficiency metrics, as they rightfully should.

Statvs JAXWeeks 1-7
Weeks 8-9
Weeks 10-14
2022 Season
Overall EPA/Play21st23rd19th21st23rd
Overall Success Rate9th (47%)18th (43.8%)26th (38.3%)24th (41.9%)23rd (42.3%)
Pass EPA/Play24th15th32nd11th19th
Pass Success Rate9th (48.9%)11th (48.4%)32nd (26.3%)13th (47.7%)17th (46%)
Rush EPA/Play18th27th4th28th26th
Rush Success Rate13th (42.1%)23rd (38.8%13th (44.9%)29th (31.5%)24th (37.3%)

A lot of people are on the Fire Todd Downing train, and rightfully so, but this particular game wasn’t necessarily on him as evident by the metric below with and without turnovers included.

Statvs JAX
w/ Turnovers
vs JAX
w/o Turnovers
Overall EPA/Play21st9th
Overall Success Rate9th (47%)6th (50%)
Pass EPA/Play24th11th
Pass Success Rate9th (48.9%)7th (52.3%)
Rush EPA/Play18th6th
Rush Success Rate13th (42.1%)11th (44.4%)

We can squarely pin the direct snap snafu on Downing, but everything else was the team. However, like I said on this Monday’s “A Football Show”, in this article, and will say on this week’s “Football & Other F Words”, he doesn’t have plays in the playbook or the ability to call plays to get the team out of rut. Whether it is penalties or turnovers, this team gets sucked in a black hole more often than not when everything doesn’t go perfect.

Let’s take a look at the offense by halves, and we will use pictures on this one!

Stat1st Half2nd Half
Overall EPA/Play7th32nd
Overall Success Rate6th (47.1%)31st (36.4%)
Pass EPA/Play13th26th
Pass Success Rate9th (49.4%)27th (41.4%)
Rush EPA/Play2nd32nd
Rush Success Rate9th (44%)32nd (41.4%)
Weeks 1-14

The Titans, to no one’s surprise, are back in the bottom of second half offense after abysmal displays on the field three weeks in a row.

Now let’s take a look at where they are on their Early Down play calling efficiency.

Stat1st Down2nd Down
Overall EPA/Play10th20th
Overall Success Rate18th (43.4%)26th (43.6%)
Pass EPA/Play6th15th
Pass Success Rate10th (52%)13th (47%)
Rush EPA/Play12th20th
Rush Success Rate14th (37.7%)24th (38.4%)
Weeks 1-14, Quarters 1-3

While the majority of the league is doing horribly with rush success rate, the Titans continue to put themselves in horrible down and distance situations when they run. Here are the stats by play call on 1st down:

Stat1st Down
# of Pass Plays124
Avg. Yards Gained8.1
# of Run Plays211
Avg. Yards Gained4.1
Weeks 1-14, All Quarters

PASS THE BALL! Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

The Tennessee Titans Defense’s 2022 Season

The Titans are still a dominant rush defense, but during the three game losing streak the pass defense has been absolutely terrible. Not being able to stay healthy, generate pressure (No Denico Autry) this team has gone from bad to awful in passing defense.

People talk about pass rush, but the rush defense has also gotten worse without Autry in the lineup.

Statvs JAXSince Buffalo3 Game
Losing Streak
2022 Season
Overall EPA23rd13th31st18th
Overall Success Rate20th (47.1%)5th (41.2%)25th (47.4%)6th (41.8%)
Pass EPA25th23rd32nd26th
Pass Success Rate25th (57.8%)12th (45.5%)31st (53.7%)16th (45.9%)
Rush EPA6th1st7th1st
Rush Success Rate7th (28%)1st (30.7%)8th (35.6%)1st (32.6%)

Let’s take a look at the defense by halves, and again, with pictures!

Stat1st Half2nd Half
Overall EPA/Play12th22nd
Overall Success Rate5th (41.4%)8th (42.3%)
Pass EPA/Play25th21st
Pass Success Rate19th (46.1%)12th (45.6%)
Rush EPA/Play2nd7th
Rush Success Rate1st (30.3%)2nd (35%)
Weeks 1-14

There isn’t a massive difference between the defense in the first and second half. Really its just the pass defense not holding up their end of the bargain.

The third down has been a major strength of this defense all year and it’s still holding strong.

Stat3rd Down
Overall EPA/Play3rd
Overall Success Rate1st (35%)
Pass EPA/Play8th
Pass Success Rate5th (35.2%)
Rush EPA/Play1st
Rush Success Rate1st (33.3%)
3D%1st (31.6%)
Weeks 1-14, All Quarters
Author: Zach LyonsWith over 17 years experience of losing Fantasy Football games, Zach has been a Titans fan since moving to Nashville in 2002. A die-hard Alabama fan, but he doesn't let that cloud his judgement of the Elite Players they have put in the NFL. Players like Derrick Henry, Julio Jones, and AJ McCarron. You've heard him on Football & Other F Words giving his Unfiltered Opinions as facts and that won't change. He's always 100% right even if he has to revise earlier statements. Lawyered.

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