Titans cut Vic Beasley, Beau Brinkley and Johnathan Joseph

The Titans aren’t messing around after an embarrassing loss in Cincinnati. The team announced tonight they have released cornerback Johnathan Joseph (our own Justin Melo broke the Joseph news) and long snapper Beau Brinkley. They also informed Vic Beasley that he will be released on Wednesday.

The biggest piece here is obviously Beasley. The Titans gave the EDGE rusher a fully guaranteed 1-year deal worth $9.5 million. It was pretty obvious that Beasley did not have much of a desire to play football when he was 10 days late to training camp. It became even more obvious with the lack of effort he was giving on the field. He finishes the season with 0 sacks.

Speaking of things that were obvious, it was obvious that Joseph had no business being on an NFL roster. He struggled in camp, by all reports, and was terrible when forced into duty because of all the injuries that piled up at corner. He had a good NFL career, but this will be the end of the line for him.

Brinkley has been with the Titans since 2012 – one of the longest tenured guys on the roster. Brinkley had two bad snaps in the last two games. The one this past Sunday, on an extra point, resulted in an injury to Brett Kern that will likely cause the Titans punter to miss time.

The Titans will need Derick Roberson to step up with Beasley off the roster. Roberson was good down the stretch last season but has been slowed this year with injuries.

Desmond King was acquired on Monday from the Chargers to come in and take Joseph’s spot. To call that an upgrade is a huge understatement.

Matt Overton will most likely be called up to the practice squad to take Brinkley’s place. How much will the kicking game be affected against the Bears with a new snapper, holder and punter? We will find out.

I broke down all of the roster moves on the latest Titans in Ten:

Author: Jimmy MorrisBorn and raised in middle Tennessee, Jimmy fell in love with the Steve McNair/Eddie George Titans when the team came to town in the late 90s. He ran Music City Miracles for more than a decade and has hosted various Titans podcasts through the years.


  1. underwhelmed. sure, credit for recognizing Beasley didn’t work, but how about the fact that they didn’t do their homework before giving him $9.5mil guaranteed? Guy doesn’t show, takes weeks to get into shape – clearly didn’t want to play FB; how do you do so little due-diligence that you miss this? OK – that’s an offseason issue – how about not doing squat about what he’s supposed to bring – passrush? Guys got moved for picks, so the deals were there – did we just decide that after half a season of being the worst we’d suddenly flip a switch and be at least passable? Sure, if the O-line can hold up and stay healthy that offense can cover a multitude of sins, but that means we have to rely on playing it close and kicking the ball – that’s not really been our strength the last couple seasons.

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