Titans have 3 players test positive for COVID

[UPDATE 4:00 PM] – The Titans have moved 3 players to the COVID-19 reserve list:

[UPDATE 2:11 PM] – Schefter says the NFL is still planning on the Titans playing on Sunday

[UPDATE 12:49 PM] – Snip, snap. Snip, Snap. We know nothing currently.

[UPDATE 12:38 PM] – This is a very Mike Vrabel thing to tell his players:

[UPDATE 11:45 AM] – I talked thorough some scenarios for the Titans in the latest episode of Titans in Ten

[UPDATE 11:05 AM] – The protocol the rest of the team that did not test positive will have to follow to get back in the building

[UPDATE 11:02 AM] – Our very own John Glennon reporting Mike Vrabel “not believed to be among those how tested positive for COVID-19

[UPDATE]- Ben Violin says the tests have been confirmed positive. No chance of false positives here:

According to multiple sources, the Titans have had 3 players and 5 personnel people test positive for COVID:

This comes on the heels of the news yesterday that Shane Bowen wasn’t in Minnesota for the game on Sunday after he had entered the COVID protocol on Saturday. We don’t know for sure that he tested positive for COVID, but the odds seem pretty high at this point.

Dianna Russini of ESPN is reporting that in-person activities are shut down until at least Saturday for the Titans:

So we will wait and see what this means for the game against the Steelers on Sunday. I would be really surprised if they play on Sunday, but there are plenty of ways they could get the game in next week – assuming that there are numerous negative tests for the team between now and then.

Here is the statement from the NFL:

The protocol that was put out before the season started has two different paths for return to play based on players being asymptomatic or symptomatic.

The asymptomatic return protocol requires 10 days to have passed since the positive test or 5 days to have passed since the initial positive with 2 negative PCR virus tests within that 5-day period.

The symptomatic return requires 10 days to have passed since symptoms first appeared and at least 72 hours since last experienced symptoms.

There is also post virus screening that is required.

We will monitor this situation and update this post with news as it becomes available.

Author: Jimmy MorrisBorn and raised in middle Tennessee, Jimmy fell in love with the Steve McNair/Eddie George Titans when the team came to town in the late 90s. He ran Music City Miracles for more than a decade and has hosted various Titans podcasts through the years.


  1. On the brightside, maybe we somehow take our bye this week and don’t have to play another game without AJ, Lewan, Adore, or Wilson. Going that long without a bye sounds brutal but this is my optimistic way to look at it.

    1. I’m all about silver linings.

      My first thought was, “what if we just take a couple losses to forfeiture, get everyone healthy, and then take on the Texans at 3-2? Bad for the record and the stats. Good for team health in week 8 and beyond.

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