Titans News: A win is a win

It was ugly and yet somehow they won by two possessions. Now the Titans are the leaders in the AFC South, a position I do not think they will relinquish all season long. Derrick Henry remains a monster and Tannehill played well, despite one ill-advised throw.

The defense was a bright spot on Sunday, holding the Colts to just 25% on third down. With three turnovers from the Titans’ offense, holding the Colts to just 16 points seemed like a huge victory.

A.J. Brown (due to injury) and Julio Jones (for unknown reasons) both missed a lot of time in the win against the Colts. While it was good that they were able to win without large contributions from those two, the Titans are going to need them going forward.

The timetable is uncertain for Brown’s return. Here’s hoping it’s not severe and he’s back in a week or so.

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