Titans News: All around me are unfamiliar faces

After a year in which the Titans’ defense was historically bad, it is almost unrecognizable now due to the offseason attrition. I love the players they’ve added to the defensive side of the ball, hopefully they have a few more moves up their sleeves to try and maintain the offense from a year ago.

Three players were waived by the Titans yesterday. Nate Orchard, Parker Hesse, and Matt Orzech made up the group that will not be on the 2021 team. Hesse was considered to be a potential contributor at the TE position, but I’m hoping this means they are readying for a bit of a splash.

NFL.com has the remaining available free agents from their top 101 list. Justin Houston and Melvin Ingram are two guys I think the Titans should absolutely be interested in signing, particularly Houston.

The Titans do not have any players on the All-Paid list, which is a good indication of how they’ve managed their salary cap. Could they add one of the top-paid receivers in Julio Jones this offseason?

Tim Tebow is back in the NFL, reunited with his college coach, Urban Meyer, in Jacksonville. I think Tebow is a genuine, good guy. I do not think it was a good idea for an NFL team to sign him at age 33 to play a position he’s never played before. That’s not Tim’s fault though.

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