Titans News: Another potential benchmark

The Titans have a game against the Ravens coming up. The Ravens, like the Titans, have proven that they are a pretty good team, but not great. On Friday, Mike Vrabel talked about the different areas they will need to improve. If they don’t, they could lose to a team like the Ravens, further cementing their status as a pretender.

A great line from the Jim Wyatt Mailbag Experience is that if the Titans do not get their act together, especially defensively, the light at the end of the tunnel is going to be a train.

Since last Thursday, the Titans have gone from the top of the division to the outside looking in, in terms of the playoffs. Take care of business the next two weeks and they should be back on top again. If they don’t, it might be another 9-7 finish.

Corey Davis played last Thursday just one day after his brother, Titus, died of a rare form of kidney cancer. My thoughts and prayers go out to Corey and his family. Cancer sucks.

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