Titans News: Compulsive hoarding

Turron Davenport wonders if the Titans are content with the receivers they currently have on the roster behind A.J. Brown. If they do, I think they need to go into therapy for hoarding. I’ve been watching the show “Hoarders” recently and the basis of the show is people who can’t let go of trash because it has sentimental value to them. That’s this roster at the WR position.

Josh Reynolds is not a WR2. He’s best as a WR3 or 4. Batson is best as a 4 or 5 and he’s a 3 right now. Go down the roster and it’s hard to imagine the group they have outside of Brown starting for many NFL franchises. Get help, trade for Julio Jones and totally makeover the room.

One guy who is not satisfied with the current Titans’ WRs is A.J. Brown, who is still publicly pitching Julio.

Third round pick, Elijah Molden, talks to Titans Online about how he is following in his father’s footsteps in his NFL journey.

Another offensive lineman has signed with the Titans. Christian DiLauro has spent time with the Browns, 49ers, Texans, and Steelers although he has not played in an NFL game.

Will Julio be a Titan in 2021? Adam Schein predicts that the Titans make a trade for him and win 11 games.

A cap ceiling has been set for the 2022 season of over 200 million. If that cap is reached, each team will gain about $20M in salary cap flexibility after the 2021 season.

How vulnerable are the Titans as the AFC South Champions? Third on NFL.com’s list, ranking 2020 division champions. I don’t think the Colts pose a huge threat given their QB, but only time will tell.

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