Titans News: Defined needs

There is no secret as to the positions the Titans desperately need help at. WR, TE, and CB all have huge holes in them on the Titans’ roster. Jim Wyatt says that CB, WR, and a trade are all in the realm of possibilities for the first round of the draft. While that’s not surprised, I was at least a little pleased to hear that the the CB room is still a work in progress.

Is an artificial turf field in the future plans for Nissan Stadium? Not as of this moment says Jon Robinson, given the amount of events they have on that field and how hot artificial turf gets.

Bucky Brooks says that the Justin Fields skepticism is way overblown and also gives his five draft “unicorns”. I couldn’t agree more on Pitts, but I’m not sure many of the other guys qualify as mythical status.

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