Titans News: Different level

Julio Jones is absurd. All of his practice footage looks so different from every other WR on the team, sans A.J. Brown. He’s smooth, violent, and fast all wrapped into one. I cannot wait to see him play on Sunday against what should be a pretty bad Cardinals secondary.

After being cut by the Jets, Samuel Ficken has found a home in Nashville. He is looking to stay hot, as he has been so far this offseason.

The most important bonds are the ones you make with family. After that are U.S. Treasury bills, notes, and bonds issued by the Treasury Department. After that is the bond between a QB and WR. Julio and Ryan are working on that type of bond right now after missing a lot of offseason practice time. I think this storyline is a bit overplayed, but we’ll see on Sunday how much rust there is.

Worst tweet of last night:

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