Titans News: Face plant

Woof. What a beatdown that was. The Titans opened their season with a present for all their fans. A flaming bag of dog poop left on the front step. Kyler Murray was unstoppable and the Titans offense never got going. Time to make a lot of corrections and move onto Seattle.

Nick Shook says that the Titans should burn the film from Sunday’s performance. I don’t think it should be burned, but rather burned in the mind of players and coaching staff so they don’t make the same mistakes again.

The fans were out in full force, ready to watch this highly anticipated offense. Kevin Byard says that the boos the team received were warranted. I’m glad he didn’t take the route of the Mets, which is to boo the fans if the team does something well.

Next game is Sunday against Seattle. They’ll need to be a LOT better if they want any chance of winning.

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