Titans News: Fingers crossed

On Monday, the Titans had zero new positive COVID-19 tests. In order to have a chance at a semi-normal prep week, they need to string these types of days together.

In light of the rash of COVID cases that popped up across the NFL this past week, the NFL has reworked some of their COVID protocols. This includes the potential forfeiture of games.

The Titans are hosting a virtual charity drive for ‘Mother to Mother’.

After going 0-4, trading all of their high value draft picks, and trading their second best player, the Texans have fired Bill O’Brien. This is terrible news for the Titans, and they need to hope that the Texans replace him with Adam Gase or Matt Patricia.

NFL.com writes that the firing of O’Brien should prove to be a cautionary tale for future head coaches. If the moral of the story is not to be a jerk and don’t do dumb things, then yes, I agree.

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