Titans News: Golfing Season

Yesterday, “The Match” was held in Big Sky, Montana. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady faced off against Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers. The latter team prevailed, despite my rooting interests. Still, it was a fun event to watch, and I was really impressed by Rodgers’ overall golfing ability.

During the event, Rodgers was asked whether he would return to the Packers in 2021 or not. His response? “We’ll see.” To be continued, I’m sure.

For the third consecutive year, Mike Vrabel will be playing at the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe. If you have not watched the tournament before, it’s a really good time and I’d recommend it. Vrabel’s odds to win are not very good, but there aren’t many chances to watch the Titans’ HC golf.

On ESPN+, Jeremy Fowler polled people around the NFL to get their top 10 defensive tackles. Jeffery Simmons ranks extremely high on the list, and the praise for him is far beyond what I expected.

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