Titans News: Gut punch

I’m not even sure what to type. Going into last night, I did not believe that trading A.J. Brown was a remote possibility. Reports were that the two sides were both happy and believed a long-term deal would be hashed out. Fast forward to last night. Yikes. A.J. gets traded to Philly for #18 and a third rounder, which doesn’t seem like enough for a star WR. The best WR in franchise history is now exactly that. History.

What’s next for the Titans? Well, they believe at least part of the answer to the A.J. Brown-sized question in the offense is Treylon Burks. So, one era ends, and another begins. Let’s hope that the Titans make the right choice. It doesn’t seem like it was a good decision now, to forego a bonafide stud for an unknown, but it’s the one they made and we’ll see how it goes.

Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel both paid A.J. compliments as a person and a football player. I sure am going to miss him and wish him the best in Philly.

Turron Davenport analyzes some of the fallout from the A.J. Brown deal, and what replacing him in part with Treylon Burks means.

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