Titans News: Happy Festivus

The day is finally here. Festivus. The holiday to air grievances and display feats of strength. There is no other day like it, so take it in.

On this day, I would like to let the Titans defense and special teams know that they have let me down time and time again. The defense plays off coverage and allows easy completions and the pass rush stinks!

Stephen Gostkowski has been better lately. However, he cost the Titans a chance at overtime against the Steelers and raises my blood pressure when he goes out to kick.

Onto the links…..

Jim Wyatt says that the Bengals should not be the standard of defense the Titans should strive to be. I disagree, on the grounds that if the defense was just bad instead of historically bad, this would be the most dangerous team in football, or at least tied with the Chiefs.

This past weekend, Adoree Jackson got his first snaps of the 2020 season. His return is right on time as the team tries to make a deep playoff push.

After a dominant win against the Lions, the Titans vaulted up to #8 in the NFL.com Power Rankings. Should they beat the Packers, there is no reason they shouldn’t be a top two team.

Marc Sessler is feeling the Titans right now, and the offense is cooking at the right time.

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