Titans News: Historic Reunion

Some say that Nashville does not have the rights to the Oilers’ history. The 80 former Oilers heading to Nashville for the Oilers’ reunion would probably disagree.

The brother of DaQuan Jones, Naquan Jones, was added to the 53-man roster. Another UDFA that Jon Robinson was able to find that will contribute.

While he wasn’t able to participate in Sunday’s thrilling win, Taylor Lewan practiced in full on Wednesday. I’m not sure we’ll ever know, but I’m interested in what happened in that pre-game. The sooner the Titans can get their left tackle back, the better.

Unsurprisingly, Derrick Henry won the FedEx Ground Player of the Week.

He also won AFC Offensive Player of the Week.

In the NFL QB Rankings, Ryan Tannehill slots in at 11th.

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