Titans News: King’s court

The running back preview for the Titans is much like the quarterback preview. There’s a dominant player at the top and then everyone else competing for second. That being said, Darrynton Evans should have a leg up in the race for backup.

ESPN+ did a future power rankings where they weighed the roster, coaching staff, and front office over the next three years. The Titans rank 14th which I think is very fair. The offense outside of A.J. Brown (in terms of skill players) will be very hard to project in three years. The offensive line should still be solid with Lewan, Radunz, and Davis. The defense is a question mark now, so no reason it wouldn’t be in a projection a few years down the road.

To the surprise of no one, the winner of NFL.com’s gold QB medal is Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes. The silver goes to Aaron Rodgers which I’m sure will upset him.

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