Titans News: League sanctioned lies

Roger Goodell says that Dan Snyder has been properly punished for his and the WFT’s improper workplace environment. Of course that’s a load of crap. Snyder’s wife is running the team, and I cannot imagine she’s not getting input from Dan. It’s like in Succession, when Logan Roy steps back as CEO of Waystar Royco. He doesn’t actually cede any power, he’s just appointing a puppet. Have them sell the team, the Snyders are a disgrace to the NFL.

Somehow, Ryan Tannehill keeps getting disrespected. His time with the Dolphins has somehow left a stain that will never come off on the career of someone who should be celebrated as a revival story. I’m not sure if a Super Bowl would help or if the credit would just go to Derrick Henry and the receivers. Regardless, Tannehill has earned your respect.

The Titans beat the number 2 and 9 team in the NFL.com Power Rankings from a week ago, which is why they moved up 0 spots this week. Confused? Me too.

Mekhi Sargent has been moved to the practice squad after being waived from the 53 man roster. He was a preseason darling, but hasn’t seen much action at all.

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