Titans News: Ghosts of third downs past

On Monday, Mike Vrabel spoke with reporters about the game on Sunday. He made it clear that the loss against Pittsburgh needed to be a learning experience. The head coach also talked about the necessity to be better on special teams and how they have to fix the third down defense. He also said he thought Gostkowski hit the ball pretty well. I just can’t wrap my head around how all the kickers the Titans bring in are terrible.

Adam Schien says that the Titans’ loss to the Steelers was the 2nd most painful loss of the weekend. I’d put it first because of the potential playoff implications.

In the weekly NFL.com overreaction column, Brandon Mendoza wonders if Baker Mayfield vs. Joe Burrow is the next QB rivalry. I’ll say no because Baker stinks. The potential future playoff rivalry you could have is Joe Burrow vs. Justin Herbert. Both rookies look very special right now.

FiveThirtyEight ponders whether terrible defenses are breaking win probability models. Maybe, or it could just be the Falcons.

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