Titans News: LOUD NOISES

This weekend the Titans will venture to the Pacific Northwest, where there are more Starbucks than people and the bears roam freely. Also native to the area is a rabid fanbase. Tannehill says that the offense needs to block out the crowd noise and get to work.

A.J. Brown was asked if Sunday is a good opportunity to get the bad taste out of their mouth from the defeat to Arizona. I liked his response, saying that practice was the opportunity to get some positive momentum going.

While I don’t believe he played well, Tannehill struggled on Sunday. Most would have a hard time playing QB while being harassed on 40% of your dropbacks. Here’s hoping the Titans can keep him upright on Sunday.

Marc Sessler has some concerns about the Titans’ offense after Sunday. I think the offense will be fine, it’s more of a question of when.

Who needs to be more involved in Week 2 and on? Gil Brandt has a list, but I’d say Julio Jones and A.J. Brown do. Get them the ball early and often.

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