Titans News: Odd line of questioning

A fan in the Jim Wyatt Mailbag Experience asks if Taylor Lewan will be returning. Umm……. I sure hope so. If not, the Titans are in big trouble at left tackle. You have to wonder if that fan was asking due to the video of Lewan floating in a river at Will Compton’s wedding.

HBO’s Hard Knocks has chosen the Dallas Cowboys as the subject matter for the upcoming season. The last two teams selected for Hard Knocks, the Rams and Cowboys, are two of my least favorite teams in the league, and honestly will make it hard for me to be very invested in the show. However, from a ratings perspective, I’m sure tons of other people will tune in to see the behind the scenes of “America’s Team”.

Looks like Bud Dupree is going to spice up the Titans’ sack celebrations this fall. I cannot wait.

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