Titans News: Opportunity knocks

The Titans have a chance to get to 3-0 this week and keep their lead in the division. Given that the Texans play the Steelers and the Jaguars lost to the Dolphins, the Titans would potentially get a three and two game lead on those teams, respectively. I will avoid talking about increasing the lead on the Colts, because they play the Jets and you know, the Jets stink.

It will be interesting to see how the Titans’ cornerback situation shakes out on Sunday. They have quite a few players that are currently injured just in that position group.

So far this season, the Titans have not had the success that they had in the run game late last year. They look to improve by coaching better and executing better, which sounds like a great place to start.

Charley Casserly takes a look at roster moves that should happen around the NFL. He believes that Justin Jefferson should be moved to the number two role in Minnesota. While I agree with him, I hope they do not make that switch until after the Titans play the Vikings.

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