Titans News: Pretenders

What a game! The Titans have a chance to go up two games in the division and they lay an egg. Have you heard that scenario before? The one where the Titans can make the leap from good to great, but instead opt for the belly-flop into mediocrity? It played out yet again on Thursday night. One day, this team will be elite and prove the naysayers wrong. It won’t be this week.

Turron Davenport writes that special teams sunk the Titans on Thursday. They did the team no favors, but the defense forcing only one punt all game, and the offense shriveling up were also big factors. That being said, Trevor Daniel and Stephen Gostkowski need to be gone.

NFL.com writes what they learned from the Thursday Night Football catastrophe that was the Titans game. I guess a positive you can take away from the game is that there is a lot of room for improvement!

No one currently believes the Titans are a Super Bowl contender. I don’t either.

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