Titans News: Relenting pressure

All offseason we thought A.J. Brown would have to have a career year in order for the Titans to sustain the offense they had a year ago. Well, now they’ve alleviated some of that pressure on him with the addition of Julio. Not only should A.J. benefit from the focus of opposing defenses being on Julio, but Brown should pick up a lot of the teaching that Jones can give him.

On a related note, it’s no secret that Ryan Tannehill also benefits from the addition of Jones. The Titans helped out their QB in a big way by adding the future HoFer. Losing Adam Humphries, Jonnu Smith, and Corey Davis were all blows to the offense in the last few months, but adding Josh Reynolds and now Jones more than makes up for it. Would I prefer that they add another TE? Yes, but the offensive group is very good as is.

Also, Derrick Henry is a freak. Not that you didn’t know that.

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