Titans News: Return from injury

The NFL has a lot of stars returning from injury this coming season. One guy on the Titans that I’m excited for is Darrynton Evans. He has some major quickness and can help in the return game as well as give Henry a rest.

A few teams were fined on Thursday for OTA violations. The Jags were one of the teams. Who knew that Urban Meyer would get fined for doing something illegal? Crazy.

Derrick Roberson is planning on being faster and stronger this season. He’s going to have a great chance at being a role player this season, so the better he is, the better the defense will be.

Turron Davenport wonders if the Titans are better, worse or the same than a season ago. I think they are undoubtedly a better team, after the addition of Julio. The offense should be better, or at least more multi-dimensional, and the defense can’t be worse.

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