Titans News: Same old, same old

Grass is green, water is wet, A.J. Brown had a great day in camp and the kickers sucked. Just another day in the life of a Titans fan.

While Corey Davis is no longer a Titan, it sure sounds like Tennessee signed his doppelgänger. Brian Hill has not been able to shake the comparisons to the newly minted Jet.

A popular name to make the leap in 2021 is Jeffery Simmons. Gregg Rosenthal thinks that Simmons can make himself a household name this year and set himself up for a Chris Jones-esque contract when his rookie deal is over.

This coming year will be year 6 for Derrick Henry. It’s crazy to think he’s been around that long in the league, but he really didn’t get a ton of mileage early in the NFL. Hopefully he continues to buck the trends of aging RBs with heavy workloads.

Randall Cobb compared the Texans to a start-up. While I think Cobb stinks at this point in his career, I’m always up for Houston getting dunked on.

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