Titans News: Soup Szn

It’s soup season, as everyone knows, which means Shane Bowen had to shave his beard. I’m interested to see if the beardless-Bowen calls defense any different than the previous edition. Considering how well the team played in the second half in Seattle, I would have been hesitant to change anything up.

Former Houston Oilers are excited to be in Nashville and be embraced as Titans. Looks like Tennessee has some history.

So far, Derrick Henry has three straight games against the Colts with 100 yards rushing. He looks to continue the streak on Sunday.

Maurice Jones-Drew says that the scariest weapon the NFL just got a whole lot scarier with the “development” of him now being able to catch passes. I think this whole storyline of “oh Henry can catch now” is a bit overplayed. He’s shown that he can catch in the past. Is he ever going to be Christian McCaffery or Alvin Kamara out the backfield? Never. That’s not his skillset, and it doesn’t have to be. He wins in other ways, namely grinding the opposing defense into dust.

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