Titans News: Squashing the rumors

Jim Wyatt had his weekend and Tuesday mailbags and in each one, a fan asks if a former Titan will be on the 2021 team. One fan asks if Mariota could be brought back for cheap, and another fan asks if Delanie Walker will return. I love Delanie, but he is more than likely washed now. If they get a TE from outside the organization, they’ll need to do better than the current version of Walker.

DeShone Kizer has been working hard this offseason to unseat Logan Woodside as the backup to Tannehill. Kizer has always been a toolsy guy, but like Woodside, he’s not starter material. I would expect the Titans to find the successor to Tannehill in the next two years if possible.

Over on NFL.com, they rank the divisions by the state of the starting QBs. The AFC South doesn’t rank too highly, in part because Deshaun Watson is not part of the eligible list for the South. Watson, Tannehill, Lawrence is a strong trio, in my opinion. Wentz, however, is not a good NFL QB and will drag this score down.

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