Titans News: Study Hall

While recovering from an offseason back surgery, Caleb Farley is studying the playbook as best he can and participating in team meetings. The first round pick was excited to be with new teammates and coaches and says he feels like a freshman in college again.

NFL.com predicts who will be the highest paid players at their positions in the near future. While he’s not immediately eligible for an extension, A.J. Brown is not going to be cheap for the Titans to extend.

Ryan Kerrigan, who I thought would be a target for the Titans this offseason, has signed with the Eagles. He signed for very cheap, and the Titans were not even part of his reported market. I’m interested to see if they think their roster is set or not. They are a WR mishap away from the TEs and WRs becoming an unmitigated disaster.

After a less-than-stellar video from rookie minicamp was released of Kalija Lipscomb struggling with drops and footwork and just about everything else, the Titans decided to sign him. Will he make the roster? Doubtful, but it’s not like they have a murderer’s row of WRs right now.

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