Titans News: Swiss army knife addition

On NFL.com, Marc Sessler says that the Titans should add Curtis Samuel this offseason. If the Titans did that after re-signing Davis and Jonnu, I would be all in. I would be a little less thrilled if that was their primary move.

Adam Rank is not known for his opinions on the Titans. Actually, I should say he is notorious for them. He redrafts the 2016 draft, but doesn’t give the Titans back their #1 pick, but gives the Browns back theirs. If the Titans needed a do-over in that draft, they would have picked Dak in a non-Tannehill world and Bosa in the reality we now live in.

How did the 2020 Titans stack up against the previous two iterations of the team? Pretty well on offense. Not great on defense.

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