Titans News: Tank Mode

In the Jim Wyatt Mailbag Experience, Michael Newsome says that the Titans are clearly in “tank mode”. I’ve never seen a 9-5 team in tank mode, so this is a first. I guess we’ll see if they are truly mailing it in on Thursday if they start all backups. Poor Jim.

A.J. Brown participated in practice on Tuesday for the Titans. We’ll see if he plays Thursday, but it’s nice to see him out there right now. Kind of surprisingly, the Titans did not rule out Julio Jones for TNF. I thought for sure that given how quickly he was ruled out of the game on Sunday that he’d be out this week.

NFL.com says that the Titans need A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry back for the playoffs. Given that they are the two best and most explosive players on offense, I’d agree. They both are capable of turning nothing into a TD and that’s exactly what this offense needs right now.

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