Titans News: Unicorn Szn

Brett Favre compared Derrick Henry to Randy Moss as a player. He said the reason for the comparison is that the only player that could stop Randy Moss was Randy Moss. The same applies to Derrick Henry. I like the comparison because both players are unicorns. Generational talents that you better appreciate while you can, because you’ll never see someone like them again.

To help aid the cornerback group, the Titans signed Greg Mabin to the active roster. They also added OT Bobby Hart. To be clear, Hart is absolutely terrible. The Titans are in trouble if they have to play him in any capacity. Mabin may have to play out of necessity and he’s got some past experience with Shane Bowen’s defense.

Ryan Tannehill jumped up a spot in the QB Index, to 12th place.

NFL.com has some buyers and sellers at this year’s trade deadline. I believe the Titans should be buyers. They are in a couple year window here for a Super Bowl and should take full advantage of that. Plenty of areas that they could improve in, whether it is WR3, ILBs, CBs, OL depth, the list goes on.

Did you know that Derrick Henry owns the Jags? He’ll get another chance to assert his dominance later this year.

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