Titans News: Unified as a team

The Titans cancelled their practice yesterday to focus on an issue much bigger than football: social injustice. Kevin Byard and Ryan Tannehill spoke on racism, systematic oppression, and police brutality in a powerful message with the rest of the team behind them.

As reported yesterday, the Titans signed Will Compton to a deal. It will be interesting to see if Cale Garrett’s job is in jeopardy now.

No love for any Titans players in MJD’s list of potential first time All-Pros. Not surprising at all coming from the former Jaguar. A.J. Brown is certainly a guys that could make that list.

How are the Titans running their cafeteria during a pandemic? Turron Davenport has the story.

Football took a back-burner not just in Nashville, but around the NFL on Thursday. See what players and coaches around the league had to say.

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