Titans News: Uproar season

The NFL Top 100 countdown has begun and three Titans are on the list so far. Ryan Tannehill, Jeffery Simmons, and A.J. Brown. Tannehill for whatever reason is about 20 spots lower than he was a year ago and Brown is probably 40 spots lower on the list than he should be. As Jonnu said in his clip, “best WR in the league.” The main thing to remember about this list is that it doesn’t matter. Every year, fans fall into the trap of overreacting to this list and feeling disrespected. Thankfully for the Titans, the list has no bearing on the amount of games they’ll win in 2021.

Sunday’s training camp resulted in some more awful reviews for Dez Fitzpatrick. He already sounds like an absolute bust and at this point, I do not think he will be making the team.

The tight end problems have been solved, as Deon Yelder has been signed. Your new TE1 has arrived.

Over the weekend, Titan legend, Dion Lewis, announced his retirement. Dion was a very good player for the Patriots that was not very effective and also misused by Matt LaFleur in Tennessee.

Without a doubt, the Titans are a better team when Taylor Lewan is in the lineup. Now that they are getting the Pro Bowl level LT on the field, they are also getting his larger than life personality, which they also are looking forward to getting back.

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