Titans News: What are they made of?

The Titans and the Steelers face off in the most anticipated matchup of Week 7. After the game we should have a good idea of where the Titans stand not only in the AFC, but the NFL’s hierarchy.

Isaiah Wilson did not practice yet again on Thursday. To say that Wilson’s tenure with the team so far has been rocky would be a vast understatement. Hopefully he is getting the help he needs to be successful.

Going into the matchup on Sunday, both Mike Tomlin of the Steelers and Derrick Henry had words of respect for one another.

The trendy thing to say is that RBs do not matter, and you shouldn’t pay them. Derrick Henry is stiff-arming all of that talk.

To become a high level starter, Ryan Tannehill took the road less traveled. It’s made all the difference.

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