Titans News: What comes next?

Much like King George in “Hamilton”, the Titans are wondering “what comes next” in their season. The plan is to play Buffalo in Week 5 after this week’s game against the Steelers was postponed to TBD. Hopefully that plan comes to fruition and there aren’t any more setbacks.

The Titans added yet another player to the COVID list, this time it was rookie CB, Kristian Fulton. Hopefully Fulton is the last player to be put on the list for the Titans.

For now, the game against the Steelers has been postponed, and the scuttlebutt is that it will be scheduled for Week 7.

The bus driver the Titans had in Minnesota tested positive for COVID. It is unknown at this point if he was patient zero or not.

After the COVID outbreak for the Titans, the NFL has revamped their policies for exposed teams.

Dan Graziano of ESPN wonders if NFL teams have been taking the coronavirus seriously and explains why the Titans’ outbreak is a wakeup call.

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