Titans News: Who is he insulting?

Tom Brady is on HBO’s “The Shop” and talks about his 2020 Free Agency when he was courted by a few teams. He says in regards to a team sticking with their current starter: “I’m sitting there thinking, you’re sticking with that (expletive)?”

Some people think that the QB he was referring to was Ryan Tannehill, but Tannehill played well in 2019 and beat Brady’s Patriots team in the playoffs. However, it makes more sense if that QB was Mitchell Trubisky, noted scrub.

Bucky Brooks wonders how the new Pittsburgh offense will help Big Ben. I think the addition of Harris will help the offense, but the loss of almost the entire starting offensive line will damage this team severely.

Jim Wyatt deals with a lot of math equations in his mailbag this week.


  1. Brady spent Tennehill’s entire career in Miami beating him. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say he we referring to him when he said that.

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