Titans News: Winning at all costs

The Titans won a thrilling game against the Texans on Sunday. However it does appear that the game came at the price of an injury to Taylor Lewan. The fear is that it is a torn ACL, but hopefully it turns out to be less severe.

The overtime win against the Texans had it all. Except for defense.

Derrick Henry rightfully got a lot of praise after his performance against Houston. He deflected the praise as if it was Josh Norman, instead crediting the team.

Out of five games, Ryan Tannehill has lead the team on 4 game winning drives, and the clutch gene was on display again Sunday afternoon.

94 yards to paydirt is the longest play from scrimmage in the NFL this year, and it belongs to Derrick Henry.

It is not expected that the Titans will be punished very severely for their COVID outbreak.

What did NFL.com learn from the game against the Texans? That Romeo Crennel went against the book when going for two.


  1. Winning close games is a key championship trait. But we can’t be expected to keep it up all season if 4 out of 5 games come down to the wire. Our defense needs to be better.

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