Titans release statement on Vic Beasley’s absence from training camp

Finally, we have an answer… sorta?

The Titans just released a statement on Vic Beasley’s absence from training camp via Jim Wyatt and the team’s official website.

“On Tuesday July 28th, we placed Vic Beasley on the Reserve Did Not Report list. I have been in contact with Vic, he is not here, he understands his absence is unexcused, and he told me he will be reporting to camp in the near future. Our current focus is on the players that are here now, getting everyone acclimated to the protocols, our building, and our football program. We will have the same acclimation process with Vic when he reports.”

The circumstances behind Beasley’s absence remain a mystery, but at least the team has heard from him.

If we’re being truthful, that is the only positive to be taken from this disaster.

The Titans gambled by signing Beasley, a promising pass rusher with a questionable work ethic because they believed they could motivate him and get the most out of him. They were so convinced in they could motivate him, in fact, that they gave him a 1-year contract worth $9.5 million. All $9.5 million was guaranteed at signing.

Even with the gamble, Beasley was one of the key additions to the Titans this offseason. The biggest issue with the defense last year was the lack of pass rush that showed up at times – especially in the AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Beasley has shown flashes of being a game-wrecker off the edge. In his best season, 2016 his second year in the league, Beasley totaled 15.5 sacks. It is easy to see why the Titans were willing to step out on a ledge and take a chance on a guy with that upside.

It’s off to a rocky start to say the least…

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  1. Vic Beasley chewing up cap space for months before deciding to add himself to the COVID-19 opt-out list after Clowney signs elsewhere is going to be a beautiful final indignity in this saga.

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