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      Roman Lavender

        Just submitting myself for the fantasy football league. I’ve been playing for a while and can add competition to the league.

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        Grant Brasher

          I nominate myself for one of the open the fantasy league. 15 year vet with a few championships to my name. I won’t reach for Titans players because of my love for the team.

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          Brandon Ewing

            Just throwing my hat in the ring to join the fantasy football league. Some weeks my team does good, other weeks it’s the opposite. If you want someone who will actually check their roster each week and make adjustments, I’m your guy. I’m watching “The League” right now, so my fantasy knowledge is only going to be heightened by the time we draft. Looking forward to hopefully becoming part of the squad.

            Thank you for your consideration.

            Brandon Ewing

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            Bill Segroves

              I’m in for the fantastic footballs

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              Dominique Jackson

                It would be in honor to be apart of this Fantasy Football league. I’ve participated in FFB for 12 years now and I’m originally from Memphis,TN. I was one game short in two of my three money leagues last year, so this year I’m going for it all. I have a very enigmatic, yet strategic way I draft, so me being apart of this league would make things very fun and exciting for others. On draft day I’m Kevin Costner from the movie(Draft Day) and yes I’m going to always go with my gut and draft “Vontae no matter what.” RIP Chadwick Boseman. Allow me to be apart of you league and who knows, I might win the whole thing this time.

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                Gatlin Temple

                  I’m a 20 year old living in Cincy, family is from Nashville and always been a lifelong fan of the Titans. Played sports growing up and have a lot of game knowledge which comes in handy with fantasy. Would actively check and be down to throw some cash in. FTB ??

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                  Tyler Kuppler

                    I’m not going to kiss ass to try and get a spot. I just wanna play some FF with some Titans fans. LETS GO

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                    Timmy Rever

                      Savvy and active fantasy vet. I shared in the heartbreak of drafting Tyrone Calico. I know mentioning the name probably disqualifies me, but if not, you’ll get solid competition and an active member here! Ready for the Tannethrill. #TitanUP #FTB #DontGivA ??

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                      wayne richard

                        I would love to join the league with you guys! Why me? Because I love the competition in a good FFL. I have been running my own league since ’92. Been a Titans fan since before they were the Titans. Earl Campbell is why I picked the Oilers for my team. Also, will never quit even if I’m out of the running. Let’s get it on! #TitanUp!

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                        Ryan Turner

                          Would love to be a member of the inaugural fantasy football league. My big money league has been together 20 years now, very active trash talking league. Four time champ, missed the playoffs 4 times in 19 years. Will play until the end no matter what. No one will be calling me to set my lineup, etc.

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                          David Richler

                            I’m from Canada (Montreal to be precise)…you guys need a Canuck in your league, simple as that. Also, I’ve won my home league two years in a row. You need competition? I’m it! Needless to say, I would love to join the Broadway Sports league!

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                            Chris Brady

                              OK Gents, Here is what should set me a part from the rest of these creative genius types submitting ( begging ) to be included in The league.

                              1) Had the only 3peat in my current league.
                              2) I’m a Mets fan so even if my team stinks you know I’m going to keep playing.
                              3) I’m gonna draft all Giants and you guys don’t want any of those guys anyway! ( Just let me have Saquon)

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                                I’m ready to play and win your fantasy league. Only let me in if you are ready to get beat!

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                                  1. I got a strong name game.

                                  2. I’ve participated in the highs of receiving large amounts of money for winning and also the embarrassments of coming in last.

                                  3. All of my old leagues have disbanded throughout the years so I don’t have anyone to play with this year.

                                  4. I was the first commenter ever on BSM. Y’all owe me this.

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                                  Evan Harris

                                    Good afternoon gents,
                                    Please consider me for this inaugural fantasy football league. I’ve been playing fantasy football for roughly 10 years and am still pretty terrible if you ask my friends. I have been lucky and won a few championships, but also have a tendency to draft players that get hurt.
                                    Fantasy football is a nice escape for its competition and minor, well sometimes minor, trash talk.

                                    Alas, I would very much enjoy being a part of this experience with you all. Thanks for your considerations, but more importantly thank you for creating Broadway Sports!

                                    Go Titans, Go Vols!

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                                    Addison Duma-Kenny

                                      Good day all. It is I, your future fantasy champion. I believe you should nominate me as your pick so that you all can cower beneath the weight of my two fantasy championships from last season and maybe even get some tips on how to really fantasy football. Even though I’ve never been in Nashville for more than three hours, I have been a lifelong Titans fan and avidly read any Titans content put out by you guys or others. I coach college football at Westminster College in Missouri and our season is currently suspended, so I need another league championship to quell my thirst for football. I’ll talk very respectful crap and at the very least, even if I don’t win (which is unlikely), I’ll beat the Colts fan! I swear that upon my honor. Good day sirs, and as Ochocinco once said, “I love you!”

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                                      Jake Frick

                                        Throwing my hat in the ring for the upcoming fantasy league! I’ve played on ESPN Format for years won a few lost a few. Would love to square off with the Broadway team! Let’s go TitanUp!

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                                        Justin Graver

                                          Thanks for entering! We picked winner’s on Thursday’s episode of THE FLEX.

                                          You can watch that here if you missed it:


                                          We’ll be contacting the winners shortly to add you to the league and schedule the draft. Thanks again everyone!

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