What’s your biggest worry?

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        My biggest worry is the offensive line. Radunz is gonna improve, but he’s a rookie, and like Taylor Lewan, he’s not gonna contribute much, but instead learn his job. No, my issue is that, with the possible exception of Nate Davis, I see potential problems.

        When I look at this team, I keep thinking about the Cowboys super bowl teams of the ‘90’s. Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith killing it, not allowing their opponents any simple answers as they score quickly then pound the rock and kill time until the inevitable victory. We have that level of skill player talent on this team now. What we don’t have is the awesome o-line Dallas had. It is good and has talent, but a lot of questions and a lack of depth.

        Lewan and Saffold were injured last year, Lewan out for the season. Saffold is getting older and may suffer a breakdown. Our center is also getting old and may take a step back. Nate, as I said, has turned into one of the best right guards in the league. But the RT… ugh. And we have less tight end support than we had last year with the loss of Jonnu.

        What happens if the RT position becomes a turnstile? What happens if Saffold’s shoulder gives out on him again? We will be playing some teams that we need to beat that have good defensive lines and edge rushers. Yeah, we can try to get the ball out quicker and add even more play action, but at some point if we end up going with a lot of our backups, we are gonna see Tannehill take more hits and Henry get stifled even with 7-man boxes.

        One could pray that some decent depth players show up in the pool of people being released from other teams, but nobody is going to let go truly good o-line talent at this stage. The roster overall looks to be the best we have fielded since the glory days of McNair and George, but the o-line situation looks worse that what we had in 2019. And it may cost us the best opportunity to get into and win a Super Bowl than this team has had since 1999.

        I hope I’m wrong, and I’m just airing out my anxieties. What are yours?

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