Welcome to Broadway

When you think of Nashville, you think of Broadway. I am excited to let everyone know what exactly this group is as we unveil and open Broadway Sports Media to the world. This endeavor began as an idea amongst members who have been covering the Titans for years. As we have seen Nashville grow within the media landscape and as a city, the coverage of the team has remained relatively stagnant. Broadway Sports was founded in an effort to say one thing: We can do better.

Broadway Sports will offer an all-encompassing look at everything Nashville sports. Just as we have seen the Nashville teams embrace and support each other, our goal is to provide a single area for analysis, news, interviews, film and audio discussion. We are confident you will not be able to find elsewhere the level of consistent and quality content we offer. Most importantly, we hope to develop a community that promotes interaction among its members. Creating content that is both informative and unique to this market, but also collaborative with its community, is key to what will build Broadway into something synonymous with Nashville.

As we launch, I hope that Broadway Sports is able to live up to, and surpass, the expectations that we have laid out and that Nashville deserves as a market. The members of this group are committed and invested in this market – not from corporations run from thousands of miles away. I am sure there will be hiccups along the way, as any championship team will face. In time, though, I believe this will become the pinnacle for sports in Nashville.

Welcome to Broadway Sports Media.

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Author: Johnathan BorenJohnathan turned a passionate fandom for football and other sports into a pursuit of it through education and coaching. After spending a few years on the sidelines, he was a co-host on the Taking It To The House podcast. You will find him not being active enough on social media and in the background supporting the teams he is involved in.

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