What should we make of the Titans 3-0 start? Lucky or good (or both)?

You’re going to hear some variation of this stat approximately a million times between now and Sunday:

“The Titans are 3-0, but they’ve outscored their three opponents by a combined 6 points and those opponents are 1-8 so far this season. Tennessee is a soft 3-0.”

It’s true, and it’s pretty remarkable. The 2020 Titans are just the second NFL team since 1970 to have a 3-0 record with a +6 or lower point differential, tying the 2005 Redskins Football Team for that distinction according to Pro Football Reference.

In fact, only six other teams — besides the two mentioned above — have managed to get to 3-0 with a point differential of +10 or less: 1976 Raiders (+7), 1979 Browns (+9), 1988 Bills (+8), 1991 Bears (+8), 1999 Patriots (+9), and 2004 Jaguars (+7).

How did those previous teams fare after their fortunate starts?

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  1. We finally have the offense we want, and on paper, we have the defense we want. Do you guys see the defense’s issues as a schematic problem, a personal problem, or just a lack of jelling into the kind of defense I’ve unit they are attempting to be?

    1. My opinion is that the linebackers and safeties are playing extremely poorly right now. I don’t know if that has to do with the coaching changes at those positions or what is going on, but Evans, Brown, Vaccaro, and even Byard are taking bad angles and missing tackles all over the place right now.

      It will be interesting to see if that gets better. All those guys have played so well in the past that I find it strange for them to be playing so poorly now.

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